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While the phrase “being a pain in the neck” is usually used in jest, neck pain is no laughing matter. With approximately 2/3 of American adults experiencing this sensation, it is likely that you had neck pain or can develop it in the future. Regardless if you are the former or the ladder, it is helpful to know what causes neck pain and how it can be treated.

What causes neck pain?

Simply put, neck pain is when you experience discomfort anywhere from the bottom of your head to the top of your shoulders. By connecting your skull to your spine, your neck leaves you vulnerable to developing certain injuries/conditions. “Burners” or “stingers” are common injuries for athletes who play contact sports. This sensation affects the nerves between your neck and shoulders which can lead sufferers to experience neck pain.

Other conditions such as arthritis and radiculopathy are also known to cause neck pain. In addition to these conditions, individuals with bad posture have also reported experiencing neck pain. Sitting in a hunched position in front a computer or reading in an awkward position can put a strain on your neck. Despite being caused in a variety of ways, there is one method that can treat all of them; chiropractic care.  

Treating Neck Pain

After an initial evaluation, your chiropractor will determine the best course of treatment. One successful technique chiropractors use involves making adjustments. This consists of applying force to the affected joint. This will loosen up the joints and improve their range of motion. chiropractic care is not just a one-person job; it involves the work of the patient as well. Your chiropractor will teach you exercises to treat your specific condition and strengthen the places that were affected.

Patients prefer chiropractic care to treat their neck pain because it decreases the pain without taking medication. While opioids cover up the pain by treating its symptoms, a chiropractor will determine what caused your discomfort. This will lead to a full recovery and the knowledge of what you can do to prevent this from happening again.

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