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Workplace Injuries

From sitting behind a desk to lifting heavy objects, back pain among workers across Suffolk County is common. In addition to having a negative effect on employees, accidents resulting in back pain can be quite problematic for employers. With a decrease in productivity, it’s no wonder why companies and injured workers rely on chiropractic care to recover from back pain. Before looking into treatment options, it is important to know the signs indicating that you are injured.

What can cause a Workplace Injury?

There a variety of symptoms that present themselves in patients with back pain. Some of the most common causes are listed below:

Technique: If your job requires constant manual labor, it is important to make sure that you are lifting correctly. Avoid injury by lifting with your legs instead of relying on your back.

Posture: By increasing your back’s curves beyond what is normal, you will start to slouch which leads to muscle fatigue.

Stress: When your only priority is finishing the project instead of doing it correctly, it is likely that you will forget to take precautions that are put in place to ensure your safety.

Inactivity: Your spinal discs rely on movement to replenish its blood supply. By spending the majority of your workday sitting, you are depriving your discs of nutrition.

Treating Workplace Injuries

While the conditions/injuries that one can develop at work may vary, chiropractic care has been consistent in helping patients with back pain. Through exercises and manual therapy, your chiropractor will help you achieve your goals and accelerate your recovery time. If you live or work in the Ronkonkoma area, The Ronkonkoma Disc Center can help. Our dedicated team of doctors and staff members will help return to work and resume your daily routine.

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